Dr. John Rumble, Jr., Vice President, Technical Operations

Dr. John Rumble, presently Executive Vice President, has provided leadership to virtually every area of IIa since joining the company in 2004. He is now responsible for strategic planning and identifying new growth areas in the federal marketplace. He also leads IIa's efforts in civilian and defense health IT services. Before joining IIa, Dr. Rumble had nearly a quarter of a century of service with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Rumble's expertise in scientific data management and scientific informatics, as well as his broad scientific background, expands the company's breadth of experience and knowledge in managing scientific, medical, and technical information.

At NIST Rumble led development of scientific and technical database standards, including the major ISO standard for industrial data exchange. Also under his leadership, NIST produced and sold more than 70 PC databases of scientific information, generating millions of dollars of annual revenue. Dr. Rumble led NIST into the Internet and Web eras with the release of over 25 online data systems in virtually every area of science and engineering. When he left NIST, Rumble had oversight of NIST's direct customer service throughout the world as Chief of the NIST Measurement Services Division, which provides fee-based services to make instruments and measurements directly traceable to the fundamental physical units.

In 2002, Dr. Rumble was elected President of CODATA, the Committee on Data for Science and Technology under the International Council for Science. In addition, he is a Fellow of the American Society for Testing and Materials, a Fellow of ASM International, a member of the Russian Federation Academy of Metrology, a Fellow of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and recipient of the U.S. Department of Commerce Silver Medal. In 1993–94, Rumble was a Department of Commerce Fellow working in the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Executive Office of the President. He has written and lectured extensively on scientific data management. Dr. Rumble holds a Ph.D. in chemical physics from Indiana University. Recent publication: Developing and Using Standards for Data and Information in Science and Technology. John Rumble, Jr., Bonnie Carroll, and Gail Hodge, Information International Associates (IIa). Laura Bartolo, Kent State University