Information Technology

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IIa delivers information technology solutions that power our customers’ decision making and mission achievement. We enable success by providing a full range of reliable and secure IT services, including enterprise infrastructure, applications, and integration solutions— all governed by strong and trusted program management and underscored by the use of performance metrics to deliver measurable results.

IT Solutions

Systems Administration

Administration of classified and unclassified systems and networks, including server management support, system backups, operating system administration, security, documentation, and classified and unclassified networking support. Management of both stand-alone and heavily virtualized server environments.

Service Desk and Desktop Support

Design and delivery of IT service desk and desktop support services, with ITIL-based processes and tools focused on balancing customer service and cost, including core ITSM processes such as first call resolution, call escalation, problem management, and root cause analysis.

Application Services

Full life-cycle software development services, including project management, requirements analysis, cost-benefit analysis, architecture and application design, development, implementation, testing, and maintenance for applications and databases.  Integration and operation of multiple open source products, including web, content management, collaboration, and data repository applications.  Use of a broad array of tools and multiple development methodologies to align with customer needs.

Social Media/Mobile

Design, development, and maintenance of mobile apps, mobile sites, and web portals. Development of full-feature knowledge management and content management systems, with capabilities including: scalable search, access to full text (PDF or multimedia) via a mobile device’s default behavior, email the metadata of the results, auto browser recognition and redirects, crowdsourcing, and search options including document type and sorting. Compatibility with Android, RIM, and iOS platforms.

Information Security

Operation of comprehensive information security services encompassing all areas of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). Integration of information security continuous monitoring programs supporting required FISMA and customer-specific reporting, audit support, control validations, certification and accreditation activities, and other operational functions such as network intrusion detection and IA vulnerability management.

Data Center

Design and management of large data centers, delivery of computer operations services such as hardware and software administration and maintenance, management of large data sets, and delivery of email administration services.


Delivery of storage area network (SAN) solutions to provide secure access to consolidated, block-level storage, and to make storage devices such as disk arrays and tape libraries accessible to servers.

Network Operations

Network engineering, design, implementation, and support services. Management of LAN and WAN network environments.

Case Studies

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
The NRC works to license and regulate the nation’s nuclear materials to protect the public and the environment and to promote security. As such, it requires an IT infrastructure that enables reliable IT services to provide around-the-clock secure access to geographically dispersed users. IIa provides system administration of 130 physical servers, 115 virtual servers, and 70 database servers, pushing more than 850 application databases to over 4000 users. IIa operates the NRC data centers, providing tier 2 and 3 technical support for data center systems, applications, and technologies. IIa maintains 24×7×365 system operations, utilizing monitoring tools to proactively identify, diagnose, and resolve performance slowdowns before they become user issues. When the NRC emergency response system is activated, IIa ensures effective disaster recovery with SAN replication and tape backups. IIa also supports the maintenance of NRC hardware, software, and applications systems, and we conduct assessment and testing of new and emerging technologies available to the NRC. 
IIa supports the NRC Data Center security and cybersecurity program by supporting the Computer Security Office (CSO) and system owners to complete security certification and accreditation processes. IIa performs repairs, upgrades, and maintenance on servers, computers, SANs, and other peripheral equipment, as well as training for technicians, administrators, and users when new systems, applications, and functions are available. 
Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)
As a DOE Office of Science program office, OSTI has department-wide responsibility for managing and making available the information output of DOE’s multi-billion dollar research and development (R&D) program, making it available through a suite of high-traffic information products and services. IIa provides a full range of IT and information science services to support OSTI in pursuing its mission. IIa ensures that OSTI has a robust and reliable IT infrastructure and expertly-managed content to deliver quality performance in times of high demand. IIa manages the entire data center housing the server, end user, and network infrastructure for OSTI’s classified and unclassified information systems, including over 80 servers, more than 200 workstations, and multiple SAN systems. IIa supports 24×7 operations of the OSTI network, and has implemented safeguards against malicious attacks, system malfunctions, and natural disasters. IIa provides hardware and software administration and maintenance, management of large media data sets, email services, and collection of performance metrics. IIa supports the OSTI user community through the management of an IT service desk and desktop support activities.
IIa subject matter experts provide scientific and technical information (STI) life-cycle support, including development and operations of single point-of-access web portals such as,, and, all of which integrate federated search technologies to return relevant results from multiple databases and other sources. OSTI’s web portals contain 5 million bibliographic records and generate 190 million hits and 39 million downloads per year. IIa supports development of mobile applications for these products and ensures accessibility across a variety of smart phones and mobile devices. Over 250 million information requests were transacted on OSTI’s public access systems in FY2011.  
U.S. Department of Commerce National Technical Information Service (NTIS)
IIa and the NTIS formed a public-private partnership to develop a searchable, digital Federal Science Repository Service (FSRS) to preserve collections of documents, images, videos, and data streams in support of agency mission activities. The system is based on a customizable, open source architectural framework using an integration of Fedora, SOLR, and PHP to achieve a flexible, extendable, scalable, full-service repository with robust security and access controls. The framework was used to develop a repository for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Deep Water Horizon oil spill content, utilizing physical storage of metadata-rich content, as well links to outside resources that enhance the physical store. This information is served to the public to increase transparency of data related to this national disaster.