Knowledge Management

The interaction between information, technology, and people is IIa's scope of expertise. We have developed a robust and versatile Knowledge Management practice and a diversified portfolio of proven solutions for customers with large amounts of information.IIa works across the scientific and technical information life cycle, providing knowledge capture, description, and organization services, quality assurance, dissemination, and workflow design. IIa solutions include integration of information management and information technology. IIa provides subject matter expertise to support customers in scientific and other related domains. We have subject matter expertise in chemistry, biodiversity, biotechnology informatics, energy, engineering, materials, and physics.

Scientific and Technical Informatics
IIa works with customers to integrate scientific and technical information and information technology products into existing architectures, infrastructures, and strategic plans. 
Domain Expertise
Full-service IT Infrastructure Support
Web-based and Individual Use 
Scientific Data Systems
Network Management
Systems Development and Administration
Classified Information Systems
System Integration
Database Administration
Web site Design and Development
User Interface Design
Telecommunications Management
We support special knowledge and information management projects, such as the following:
  • Using commercial-off-the-shelf packages for automated categorization of internal technical documents
  • Capturing and cataloging web sites for archive
  • Developing an image retrieval system with open archives initiative (OAI) metadata
  • Developing digital archive plans
  • Creating electronic taxonomies and thesauri for improved access and retrieval
  • Developing complex mapping systems to support integrated collection access
Biodiversity Informatics
IIa leverages biodiversity information through information management and technology applications that are specifically designed to thrive in the customer’s unique environment and to support their mission. 
Domain Expertise
  • Project management
  • Biological and ecological communities, ecology systems and processes, and species information.
  • Scientific information management, including collection and retrieval, organization and standardization, and dissemination 
  • Standardized scientific and technical information taxonomies
  • Digital image libraries and services.
  • Scientific website and portal design and development
  • Scientific database development and administration
  • Global, national, regional, and local biodiversity meeting implementation and documentation
  • Information standards and protocols such as the following:
    • Federal Geospatial Data Committee (FGDC) Metadata, Darwin Core, DiGIR, Tapir, etc.
Library Services and Digital Collections Management 
IIa manages base and technical libraries and information centers throughout the U.S. and abroad. 
Library Management
IIa has over twenty years of experience managing libraries and providing information support services for federal government agencies. We provide full facility operations for Air Force Base (AFB) libraries, including SIRSI systems management, technical services, reference, and other research services. Our science library personnel acquire, catalog, and manage materials in over 16 languages and provide expert translation services. Our operations have garnered numerous "Best in Command" awards and exceptional performance ratings.
Information Center Management
IIa’s staff provides print and electronic access to DOE’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents and to administrative records of cleanup activities on the Oak Ridge Reservation as required under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Our staff also ensures that all documents undergo the appropriate operational security (OPSEC) review prior to public release.
Clearinghouse Management
IIa provides expert knowledge on clearinghouse management. Our services include (1) advertising, discovery, access, dissemination and use of information and data, (2) coordination of numerous clearinghouse data owners, (3) management of the “network of networks,” and (4) general facilitation and coordination of the clearinghouse mechanism.